Adam Dunford

Digital Problem Solver in Western Sweden
St. Paul, Minnesota

I’m a UX designer & manager with 20 years experience developing raw concepts, enhancing existing products and services, and collaborating with others to create effective digital experiences.

I build consensus. I’ve been a Yankee in the South, an American overseas, a liberal in Utah, and a nerd among suits. I’m used to being around people who think about things differently than me, and I seek to understand their point of view as we collaborate and create things together.

I believe in other people, be they clients, co-workers, or users. I believe clients should understand why a design does what it does, and I will spend the time to educate them. I believe co-workers need open communication, shared goals, and a little bit of fun, and I try to make all three happen on every project. I believe users know what they want—even if they don’t “know” know, you know?—and it’s my job to find that out.

I apply the right tools for the problem at hand. Sometimes a quick whiteboard sketch conveys an idea more succinctly and clearly than a 30-page spec doc. And sometimes a 90-slide presentation deck is what it takes to convince a skeptical executive board that what we’re doing is what really needs to happen.

I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia, and currently live in Minnesota (after four years in Sweden, it’s the closest alternative we could find to Scandinavia). I’m the father of four ridiculous children and husband to an amazing woman, who all tolerate me on my best days and love me on my worst.

I currently work for 3M Design, bringing ethical, thoughtful and innovative service and interaction design to healthcare.

For more about my background and experience, please check out my résumé.