Assorted Work

Various and Sundries

The following are examples of the kind of work I’ve done over the years, along with a bit of my thinking for each.

01. Wireframes

I’ve noticed that sometimes clients have a tough time visualizing what a wireframe intends with just the typical boxes and lines. That’s why I create what I call “wire comps”—high-fidelity wireframes that use glyphs, outlines and vector objects to convey more of how a website or application may appear.

02. Sitemaps, IAs & User Flows

Sometimes (okay, most times) just showing how things relate is much better than telling it. I’ve written my share of specification documents, but if I could, I’d try to explain everything through a content map, diagram or walk through.

03. Website & Application Interface Design

Whether working with existing branding guidelines or creating my own from scratch, I love how digital design combines content and data, aesthetics and use, all to tell a story that continues to be written as a site or application grows.

04. Mobile Apps

I’ve designed many responsive websites and mobile apps over the years (many unfortunately under NDA), yet unlike HTML/CSS, I didn’t have a good grasp of the technical underpinings of it. So I learned a bit of Swift programming to help build one as part of my master’s degree (check out Lablablab on Github).

05. Presentations

I like seeing others learn. I’ve given dozens of talks and trainings over the years to clients and others, yet I didn’t realize a few are actually online. Enjoy?

Looking for something more? Let me know!